Wednesday, March 3, 2021
The North Will Rise Again
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Interview: We talk to Ewan Grant from WOMPS / Algernon Doll...

  WOMPS hail from Glasgow and are formed from the ashes of Algernon Doll, featuring Ewan Grant (guitars/vocals), Owen Wicksted (drums) and assorted friends on...

Mint Mile: In Season & Ripe – EP review

Mint Mile is a new wagon for Tim, but Andy is still riding shotgun by his side and some mighty handy fellas are in back. Long may they run.

Shellac Rumoured To Have New Album Ready For Release

Shellac are on of the great bands. The ultimate trio they create a music so powerful, so sublime and so full of ideas that your head is ringing for months. They also make the best sounding rock records with their guitarist Steve Albini recording them with all his expertise being utlised and the band's music being almost designed to fit his methords.

Atp Announce Extra Acts For Last Ever Festival…Shellac And More!

All Tomorrow's Parties confirm more new artists including Shellac for last ever event. Plus they also Launch new 'ATP Memories' archive project!

The Ex : ATP festival : live review

the Ex push music to its limits and you can still dance with a big grin!


A Celebration Of The Musical Life Of Sylvain Sylvain – live stream

A Celebration Of The Musical Life Of Sylvain Sylvain 14 February 2021 The sad and untimely death on 13...


Yard Act: Dark Days EP – review and interview.

Yard Act: Dark Days EP Zen FC Out Now From Fixer Upper to Peanuts; and everything else in-between encapsulated on...


Listen to this : Indie legends James are back with a new single and their 16th album

Very few bands have had such a varied career as James who started off life on Tony...


Band of Holy Joy and Bjorn Hatleskog – Notes From A Gallery

Band of Holy Joy and Bjorn Hatleskog host an online four day exhibition of film and performance at Gallery 46 this week from the 24th to 27th February. 


Six Of The Best Sets At Loftas Fest 2020

Loftas Fest
From toe-tapping rock n’ roll to darkly ethereal modular synthpop - discover highlights from the vibrant Loftas...