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Saint Etienne: Grand Central Hall, Liverpool – live review

Saint Etienne Grand Central Hall, Liverpool 26th November 2021 Louder than War’s Martin Mathews spent an evening with Bob Stanley, Pete Wiggs and Sarah Cracknell, better known...

Bob Stanley ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah – The Story Of Modern Pop’...

Writing a complete history of pop is a very ambitious task, especially when the title of the book itself, yeah yeah yeah, kinda of says everything you need to know about the art form in three perfect words that capture pop's lack of patience- three words that cut to the core and primal sex beat that drives the mini symphonies for kids into the heart of our psyche.

Bob Stanley (St Etienne) – top ten influences

The albums which most influenced St Etienne's Bob Stanley

St Etienne release trailer for forthcoming film

St Etienne soundtracked film gets release

St Etienne live in Manchester Dec 2010, with LTW boss in...

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