Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Johnno Casson aka Snippet: Wonky – album review

There is hope for modern pop and its name is Johnno Casson.

The Best Of Johnno Casson, Snippet & Old Tramp – album...

Thoroughly entertaining and a fine tribute to one of our most underrated artists.

Johnno Casson announces Best Of compilation spanning eleven year solo career.

Johnno Casson brings joy to people at a time when people really (really) need joy.

Snippet announces new single and album news

He is the by-product of a misspent childhood on a Hackney council estate watching Czechoslovakian cartoons on TV and listening to all manner of wonderfulness on pirate radio

Snippet: The Grooveplay Recordings – album review

The advice seems to be – check out The Grooveplay Recordings and then savour the prospect of the new Snippet album.