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Slade: Feel The Noize – The Singlez Box – album review

Slade Feel The Noize: The Singlez Box BMG Limited Edition box of 10 7” singles Released on 6 September 2019 Back in the early Seventies, Slade were the biggest pop...

Slade Interview: Don Powell on the Legendary Slade Alive Album

Slade Interviewed: Don Powell on the Legendary Slade Alive Album Slade drummer previews the re-release of iconic live album, talking to Dave Jennings for Louder...

Anxious Christmas: Café Oto, Dalston – live review

Martin Copland-Gray seeks post-Christmas anxiety relief in Dalston - it works....kind of.

Sweet & Slade: Aberdeen 1st December 2013 – live review

Sweet & Slade The Music Hall, Aberdeen 1st December 2013 Words: Rock Chick Pics: Dod Morrison As a seasoned gig-goer I go to lots of events over the space...

Slade and Sweet @ Stoke on Trent – live review

"The Potteries crowd were well on message as every member of a full house was out of their seat clapping and stamping along as hit followed hit."