Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Hope |Luxury Apartments |Bo Gritz | Treeboy & Arc |Chest Pains...

Hope |Luxury Apartments |Bo Gritz | Treeboy & Arc |Chest Pains Shacklewell Arms, London Nov 25th 2018 Where do these great bands that end up on our...

Bad Vibrations Presents Various Artists: Shacklewell Arms, London Saturday July 20th.

Louder Than War check out the latest all dayer put together by one of London's better promotions outfit Bad Vibrations. "Eight bands ... all fantastic".

Doldrums, Woman’s Hour, Buffalo Tide: London – live review

" If Doldrums are the sound of things being thrown down a flight of stairs then its a rather small flight of stairs."

Arrows Of Love: Shacklewell Arms London – live review

This band have the eqivalent of 4 David Yow's (Jesus Lizard) in their line up - it would be 5 but someone has to play the drums ...

Pussy Riot Fundraiser

We've mentioned Pussy Riot before, the Russian, all girl, mask wearing anti Kremlin / anti Putin band. We first wrote about them in Feb...