Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Listen to This! Xqui x SEODAH album is Sufficiently Disconcerting

six tracks that have been sequenced to give the listener a journey that is equal parts uncomfortable and soothing; or “sufficiently disconcerting”

Watch This! SEODAH unveil video from Delia Derbyshire charity compilation

My aim was to recreate a 1970s sounding track that is split into distinct sections to help the narrative move forward.

Watch This! Retrophonica – Video Premiere and Compilation Pre-order

All profits from the release will go to Delia Derbyshire Day (DD Day), a charity focused on the education of the public in music technology and the history of British electronic music via the archive and works of Delia Derbyshire.

Sound Effects Of Death And Horror announce new video and album!

The tracks are both light and dark, dissonant and melodic in equal nature to create different moods for the listener.