Friday, December 3, 2021
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Lewsberg: In Your Hands – Album Review

Lewberg: In Your Hands Bandcamp Out now There is no constant but change; an epithet that can currently be applied to Rotterdam’s Lewsberg. A lot has happened...

Tes Damen – Rotterdam Sob and Urn – Album Review

0 Tes Damen is Rotterdam’s most elusive new debutant: an English national who favours the description, “a concave fish hook of chimes and dirt”. This...

Goldblum: Of Feathers And Bones – Album Review

Goldblum: Of Feathers And Bones Bandcamp Out now You could be cynical and say Goldblum is yet another instance of Rotterdam’s clubby “underground” music scene. The duo...

David Gedge: Seamonsters 30th Anniversary – interview

With the 30th anniversary looming of The Wedding Present's third album, Seamonsters, Jon Kean spoke to David Gedge about its history.

Alicia Bretón Ferrer – Headache Sorbet

(Glove Compartment) Normally a record that boasts a song dedicated to, and featuring a pet cat (however sinister) would receive short shrift. But it’s been...