Saturday, November 27, 2021
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Ren Harvieu: Hebden Bridge Trades Club – live review

Ren Harvieu Hebden Bridge Trades Club 21st November 2021 Salford songwriter Ren Harvieu was once tipped for the top, but after a long hiatus she...

Ren Harvieu: Revel In The Drama – album review

Ren Harvieu returns after almost a decade in the wilderness with a lavishly orchestrated album of sexually charged torch songs paying homage to the big ballads of the Sixties. Tim Cooper listens and swoons.

Ren Harvieu: Manchester – live review

A laid back festive gig from Ren Harvieu

XFM’s Next Big Thing

There\'s something about this time of year that instils vast sections of the population with a Nostradamus complex, whereby everyone from The Beeb to your postman attempts to predict who will be the year\'s musical successes