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The Stairs: Mexican R’n’B reissue – news and interview

The Stairs - Mexican R'n'B reissue news and interview. Matt Mead investigates the release and interviews guitarist Ged Lynn.

Leatherface: Razor Blades And Aspirin: 1990 – 1993 – album review

They were often compared to Husker Du, mainly because they sounded like no other punk band in the UK at the time. The comparison is understandable, as they excelled delivering melodic hard-core tunes in the vein of Mould and Hart, but they were very much their own band. While Bob Mould was moving on and pursuing a folksier path, Leatherface would prove that there was still plenty left to say for an adrenaline fuelled, and high octane delivered passionate punk band.

Alice Cooper: Hey Stoopid Reissue – album review

We reappraise the classic Alice Cooper album, originally released in 1991, on the event of it's re-release by Cherry Red,

At The Drive-In: Acrobatic Tenement (re-issue) – album review

"[this] is a timeless collection of unstable explosions in its rawest form."

Kevin Coyne: Case History – reissue album review

Case History was recorded very quickly. Kevin has been quoted as saying that the songs were recorded in three or four hours. Kevin has also been quoted as saying that Case History is not just an album but a whole period of his life. Indeed this becomes very clear as the album unfolds.