Sunday, May 9, 2021
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Why The World Needs Johnny Borrell

Arrogant, ambitious, irreplaceable? Sam Lambeth examines why the returning Razorlight and Johnny Borrell have been missed.

Andy Burrows: Manchester – live review

The audience appear stunned with both awe and respect. Burrows is stormed with screams, whistles and cheers as he finishes with the upbeat ‘Keep On Moving On’. He and the rest of the band are on top form and are undoubtedly enjoying themselves immensely - a feeling that is reciprocated by the crowd who dance as if it’s the beginning of the weekend, not a Sunday night

Andy Burrows: Company – album review

If you hated Razorlight ... don’t automatically rule out Andy Burrows because you may just be pleasantly surprised.

Fifty Shades of Black – A Soundtrack For The Years Bestselling...

Obviously the darker stuff is the selling point, but in reality it\'s about as dark as putting a pouting Cheryl Cole in a rubber dress and dominatrix heels for a photo-shoot.

Razorlight’s new photoshoot- what do you, the people, think?

Razorlight's new photoshoot- what do you, the people, think?