Sunday, September 26, 2021
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Ceschi: Sad, Fat Luck – album review

Ceschi's "folk rap for the barely alive" pushes the boundaries of hip-hop and paints a vivid portrait of Trump's America, while paying tribute to lost friends. Tim Cooper finds there's something for everyone on Sad, Fat Luck

Argh Kid: Neighbours – new single review.

The Longsight bard makes a welcome return with a ska tinged banger which is right up Wayne AF Carey's street.

Blindspotting – film review

A word-of-mouth indie hit from a first-time director, starring two virtual unknowns, Blindspotting is a mordantly funny film about prejudice, police brutality, racial stereotypes, class divisions and gentrification. It hits just the right spot for Tim Cooper.

Columbo unearth previously unreleased track

The list of lost albums locked up in a Shoreditch vault must be endless; tales of contractual obligations, commercially unfriendly indulgences and inter-band break-ups...

New Artist Of The Day – Nelson

It's difficult to keep up with Nelson. He's the leading light in Liverpool's current Hip Hop scene, one of many artists proving there's more...