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Red Balloon Music and how it is making an impact in...

Red Balloon Music has a sustained track record of delivering distinct, exciting content to enthused audiences across Manchester – and a stand-out feature: it is curated with care. The man behind it is Chris Thomas, who Louder Than War’s Emily Oldfield decided to speak to…

Rae Morris: London Village Underground – live review

Rae Morris London Village Underground 27th March 2013 Blackpool singer-songwriter Rae Morris is slowly but surely building a dedicated following and Louder Than War went to see...

OneFest : first festival of the summer featuring Damon Albarn- live...

Onefest festival with Damon Albarn plays Dr Dee  Dry The River Raghut Dixit Rae Morris Nick Harper   Live review   The newest addition to the festival circuit is also the first one...

Rae Morris: London – live review

It\'s very rare that you hear a voice that stops you in your tracks...

Rae Morris- talented new singer/songwriter

an interview with the gifted upcoming songwriter




Working Mens Club : Manchester YES : livecast gig review

A classic gig that cuts through livecast Working Mens Club are one of most exciting bands in the UK who transcend these times and the tech to deliver a dark death disco perfection...


Interview! Nadine Shah on her brilliant new album and much more

WATCH THIS! Nadine Shah interviewed by John Robb about her wonderful new album and her powerful and eloquent thoughts on being a women in 21st century UK and her unique background and so much more


Watch This! New York Songstress Jeannel Drops Heady and Hypnotic New Single ICMIB

New York's Jeannel releases her heady and hypnotc new single ICMIB.


Tokyo Story – film review

Tokyo Story (1953) Director: Yasujirō Ozu Cast: Hideo Fujino, Ayako Katsuragi, Mieko Takamine Language: Japanese (with optional English subtitles) Run time:...


Keith Goldhanger’s Things To Do Festival #2 April 18th 2020.

Keith Goldhanger has arranged a second on line music festival featuring more of his favourite bands that takes place on Saturday 18th April 2020.