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Queen Zee : Manchester YES: live review

Wam bam thank U glam! There is always something wonderful about watching a band on the cusp of great things

My Top 10 Albums: Zena Davine of Queen Zee

My Top 10 Albums: Zena Davine of Queen Zee Queen Zee are the breakout band of 2019. The Liverpool band are on the verge of...

Rebellion Festival 2019 – band confirmations update:

Rebellion Festival 2019 - band confirmations update: The Rebellion Festival 2019 might seem to be a long way off, but in just over 8mths the...

Queen Zee: 24 Kitchen Street, Liverpool – live review

Queen Zee 24 Kitchen Street, Liverpool Thursday 13th December 2018 Now much has been said of Queen Zee including that quote from Iggy Pop,"They're strange people from...

Standon Calling 2018 – Festival review

15,000 people with 15,000 different tastes in music all took turns standing at different stages at different times of the weekend watching the good, the bad, the old, the new, the mainstream and the weird stuff that everyone seems to understand apart from one or two who stand scratching their heads bewildered. Keith Goldhanger covered every angle.




The Stranglers/Ruts DC : Berlin : Live Review

No one is really sure how to describe the Stranglers. They started years before punk then scared the shit out the London punks as well as out selling them with their menacing and genuinely frightening


Peter Astor and the Holy Road: Paradise – album review

Peter Astor and the Holy Road: Paradise Tapete Records Vinyl/CD/DL A welcome reissue of The Loft/Weather Prophets front-man's post-Creation Records...


Will there be more Bauhaus shows?

Could there be moreb shows for the highly influential band? the Rumour mill is in hyperdrive and our ears are burning......Bb


A Dog Called Money – Film Review

PJ Harvey Seamus Murphy A Dog Called Money
A Dog Called Money (2019) Dir. Seamus Murphy Cast: PJ Harvey  Duration: 94 minutes Release date: 8th November 2019  Cinema and streaming...


Damnation Festival 2019: University of Leeds Students Union – live review

Alcest on stage at the Damnation Festival
Damnation Festival University of Leeds Students Union, Leeds 2nd November 2019 The Damnation Festival 2019 celebrated the diverse and extreme...