Thursday, November 14, 2019
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Rebellion Festival – Saturday 3rd August – Pt 2

Rebellion Festival ”“ Saturday 3rd August ”“ Pt 2 You will recall that I concluded Pt1 as I began a search of Blackpool for a...

Rebellion Festival – live update… Friday Pt 2

Rebellion Festival - live update... Friday Pt 2 Its hot...its very hot - The Winter Gardens is capped with a glass roof so all area's...

Public Image Ltd: The John Lydon Interview

What people don\'t seem to understand is that each and every PiL album is completely different to the last and they have to be viewed that way.

PIL ‘Commercial Zone’ – Missing gem of an album… or just... PIL 'Commercial Zone' - Missing gem of an album... or just an unreleased demo? In light of the recent PIL activity; Lydon and Co. playing...




False Advertising: The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham – live review

False Adverising
False Advertising The Sunflower Lounge Birmingham November 10th 2019 Mancunian grunge-pop trio False Advertising celebrate the release of their debut...


An Interview with Toxic Chicken

Favorite physical format must be the floppy diskette. It's the poor person's choice of underground DIY, to me it looks super cool and is a challenge to fill up with interesting material.


Negativland – TRUEFALSE – album review

Negativeland - True false
Negativland TRUEFALSE Seeland Records In an era defined in part by struggles for intellectual copyright and remuneration through streaming platforms...


The Dogs of War – film review

The Dogs of War (1980) Director: John Irvin Cast: Christopher Walken, Tom Berenger, Colin Blakely Running time: 102 minutes Format: Blu-ray Release...


Mirrors Festival 2019: London – live review

Mirrors Festival has relocated to Camden Town. Keith Goldhanger visits all six venues and reports from this...