Friday, December 3, 2021
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Plastic Pinks: El Animal – EP review

Miami’s Plastic Pinks continue to gain momentum with their latest and biggest sounding release to date, the El Animal EP.

Kitty Tsunami and The Chickenhawks Go To Florida – album review

Ghost Drag Records offers a limited cassette split of lo-fi surf rock, enjoy it and get wet!

Plastic Pinks: Sunnyside Rabbits – album review

"Plastic Pinks continue to be a major exciting force in Florida’s nascent rock scene with their first full length album, Sunnyside Rabbits."

Plastic Pinks: FUI/Kelly – 7” review

"FUI will make you long for some crazy, degenerate pool party under the shade of Florida's fan-like palm tree leaves."

New Artist of the Day: Plastic Pinks

"Plastic Pinks are raw and raucous and full of unchained power, yet also bursting with maddeningly memorable hooks and choruses perfect for the intoxicated camaraderie of group singalongs in a squalid, graffiti-etched late night dive bar..."