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Penny Rimbaud: Arthur Rimbaud In Verdun Album Review

Penny Rimbaud Arthur Rimbaud In Verdun (One Little Independent) CD/DL Released: November 20th, 2020 8/10 Penny channels Arthur for experimental new album. Penny Rimbaud, has become a venerable...

Crass: The Crassical Collection (reissued 7×2-CD) reviewed

Crass - The Crassical Collection (One Little Independent) 2-CD (x7) Out Now Nathan Brown reviews a new collection of CD boxes charting the fortunes of Crass,...

Everything Is Recorded: Friday Forever – album review

  Everything Is Recorded - Friday Forever (XL Recordings) CD|LP|DL Out Now! 9/10     Feeling the lockdown blues? No worries. Everything Is Recorded's new project will make you feel like...

Penny Rimbaud’s Kernschmelze II – Album review

Moments here of pure sensitive beauty, hinting at calm and even silence, soporific dream state sounds, at other times there are end of the world howls, disconcerting violent noise, still beautiful but in a different space

Penny Rimbaud of Crass presents evening of free jazz and poetry

WEDNESDAY 19th DECEMBER 8.30pm Penny Rimbaud's Last Amendment presents 'THE CLAUS OF THE BEAST' Penny Rimbaud and Last Amendment appear at the Vortex again in a...