Monday, May 17, 2021
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Papernut Cambridge: Nutlets 2 – album review

Papernut Cambridge: Nutlets 2 (1978-2001) Gare Du Nord 2XLP/CD Twenty-song double album of kick-ass cover versions, saluting over two decades of post-punk, indie pop and all-round good shizzle, with...

Twink: brand-new single – news

Psych-pop diggers are in for a treat: a new single by British underground legend Twink, out at the beginning of February.

Papernut Cambridge: Mellotron Phase Volume 2 – Album Review

Album review of Papernut Cambridge Mellotron Phase Volume 2.

Watch this! Papernut Cambridge – New for Xmas: St Nicholas Vicarage

tips its santa hat to victorian paper theatre, Blair Witch movies, 70s kids' TV and an imagined cardboard cutout festive edition of The Sweeney.

Listen to this! Darren Hayman and Papernut Cambridge announce new track

Darren Hayman and Papernut Cambridge unveil their new cover of I’ve Been A Bad Bad Boy.