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Oslo 70mm Festival – Report

  70mm-Festivalen  Cinemateket, Oslo 14th June - 23rd June 2019 In an age when TV was threatening the existence of cinemas, exhibitors and production companies came up with...

PicaPica: Spring & Shade – EP review

Spring & Shade by PicaPica takes you to and fro between the West End and the East End of the optimism/pessimism continuum. Jon Kean reviews.

Arabrot: Noisenik action from Norway

Earlier this year we saw Arabrot live at the By:Larm music festival in Oslo- the band were fantastic- a two, sometimes three, piece taking...

Norway tragedy – a blog from Oslo

The shock of what happened in Norway has not sunk in yet.

The ten best bands from By:larm 2011 new music festival

From black metal to unsettling ambient folk to hardcore