Monday, May 17, 2021
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The Limpix, Part 4 – More Reflections on the Olympic Games.

Week two of the 2012 Olympics has begun with yours truly located in a cow shed in Hertfordshire...

Everyday Is Like Sunday …… More Reflections On The Olympic Games.

I'm now going to write about Football - you can skip this bit if you like...

In cricket, England’s Sarah Taylor could play for Sussex men’s second...

time for women footballers to play at the top level with the men?

An open letter to Paul McCartney and the elder statesmen of...

Dear Paul, I have been a fan of some of you work for a long time. The Beatles is, of course, a given and even...

Arise Sir Boris…More Reflections On the Olympical Games.

And it's costing about 24 BILLION POUNDS which is about the same amount needed in order to keep a couple of school's open,