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The Favourites: New Feeling – Album Review

Previously unreleased album by Nottingham Power Pop/Punk outfits The Favourites, originally recorded in 1978/79. They may never have conquered the charts, but even at this late stage, can they conquer your heart?

The Godfathers: A Big Bad Beautiful Noise – Album Review

The Godfathers A Big Bad Beautiful Noise (Godfathers Recordings) CD/DL Released 10th February 2017 Brand new album by premier London Rhythm and Punk hoods the Godfathers, their first...

The Dark: Chemical Warfare – Album Review

The Dark - Chemical Warfare (Westworld) CD/DL Out now Reissue of the sole LP by ill-fated Islington Punks the Dark with associated single sides....LTW's Ian Canty looks...

The Wall: Personal Troubles And Public Issues – Album Review

The Wall - Personal Troubles And Public Issues (Westworld) CD/DL Out now First time re-issue on CD for the 1980 debut album by Sunderland band the Wall,...

Chelsea: Anthology Volume Two – Album Review

Chelsea: Anthology Volume Two  (Westworld) 3CD Released 15th April 2016 Second part of Westworld's Chelsea re-issue programme features three albums issued during the 1980s, "Original Sinners", "Rocks Off"...




Alien Tango: Dalston Victoria, London – live review

Alien Tango Dalston Victoria, London 10th January 2020 Alien Tango caught the attention of Keith Goldhanger at last years Sŵn...


Listen to This! We’re All Aliens Release Optimistic and Riff Heavy New Single Get A Life

North West four piece We're All Aiens return with new single Get A Life. Coming almost a year...


CHECK MASSES release debut single – edgy take on Massive Attack/Gorillaz listen here

Sitting somewhere in that bricolage world of TV on the Radio, David Holmes, David Lynch, Ennio Morricone, Massive Attack, Gorillaz the song is a catchy and compulsive slice of 21st century pop but with a post punk edge.


An Unconscious Coupling: Rocketman and Joker – The Double Life of Film

What can box-office hits tell us about the human condition? In the light of their success, Lee Ashworth...


Damnation Festival 2019: University of Leeds Students Union – live review

Alcest on stage at the Damnation Festival
Damnation Festival University of Leeds Students Union, Leeds 2nd November 2019 The Damnation Festival 2019 celebrated the diverse and extreme...