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Russian Round Up – August 2020

Before we start... Even Art’s Gilded Cage should be rattled now and again. First up I should point your way to a great compilation in...

Russian Round Up #2 – July 2020

This is the second of a new, irregular series on what’s going down on the alternative Russian music scene.  As readers to this here...

Lucidvox New Single – Runaway

Strap yourselves in for another journey spacewards: Moscow's Lucidvox have a new single out - their second, called 'Runaway' - from the forthcoming album,...

404.zero – 404.0 – Album Review

Russian duo 404 Zero release debut LP on Bedroom Community label.

Russian Alternative Music Round Up – May 2020

The alternative music scene is always interesting in Russia, with great swathes of new sounds turning up regularly in our inboxes. As many readers...