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Ubivayu Nasekomih – Ubivayu Nasekomih – Review

Spotify Moscow's Ubivayu Nasekomih formed less than a year ago, yet one wouldn’t know it from listening. The Hyperpop duo already sound complete and...

Дочь (Dotch): Нити (Niti) – album review

Дочь (Dotch) Нити (Niti) Out now The bewitching debut album of Russian avant-pop collective Дочь (Dotch). The symbol of red thread is an endemic and integral element of...

Dima Midborn: Quality Leisure – album review

Dima Midborn: Quality Leisure Soundcloud / Bandcamp Dima Midborn has successfully cultivated a sound of his own, fully established and wholly unorthodox. Plying his trade primarily...

Dima Midborn – Kvartira Premiere

Eccentric Russian bassist Dima Midborn is back with a new video for his recent single 'Kvartira' (An Apartment). A typically low-pitched affair – featuring...

Simple Symmetry: Sorry! We Did Something Wrong – album review

Simple Symmetry: Sorry! We Did Something Wrong (New Ears Records) DL Released 21st May Simple Symmetry is the moniker of Sasha and Sergey Lipsky, DJs and producers from...