Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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Things we didn’t know a year ago : 2021 review

Keith Goldhanger rounds up the year with some of his highlights that have appeared during 2021. As 2020 seemed to merge seamlessly into 2021 it's...

LibraLibra: Candy Mountain – single review

LibraLibra announce their new single, the future revenge anthem Candy Mountain. Amy Britton takes a listen.

Witch Of The East: Savage Beauty – album review

Witch Of The East: Savage Beauty (I'm Not From London Records) Released October 29th Nottingham's Witch Of The East - a.k.a. Aeris Houlihan and her consistent backing...

Cardinal Black: New Band, New Single, New Video

Three weeks ago, on a Friday evening, a band nobody had ever heard of came seemingly out of nowhere and dropped a debut single....

Philip Goth (Felice Brothers) Announces Debut Single – news

The ever-reliable Team Love Records have announced the release of the debut solo record by Philip Goth, out April 30th, and it certainly signals...