Monday, June 21, 2021
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Cardinal Black: New Band, New Single, New Video

Three weeks ago, on a Friday evening, a band nobody had ever heard of came seemingly out of nowhere and dropped a debut single....

Philip Goth (Felice Brothers) Announces Debut Single – news

The ever-reliable Team Love Records have announced the release of the debut solo record by Philip Goth, out April 30th, and it certainly signals...

Things we didn’t know a month ago: February 2021

Keith Goldhanger provides a few highlights from some recent new releases that arrived during February 2021. The second month of the year kicks off and...

Nuha Ruby Ra: How To Move – EP review

Nuha Ruby Ra How To Move EP Brace Yourself Records Released March 5th Nuha Ruby Ra, while not yet a household name, is already promising to be...

Darci Phenix: Wishbone – album review

Darci Phenix-Wishbone Team Love Records Released Jan 8th After a clutch of glowing reviews for recent single Hospitality helped to edge Darci Phenix into the music world's...