Sunday, August 1, 2021
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KIEFF – KIEFF – Album Review

Listen to KIEFF on Spotify Ah, KIEFF. You may not have heard of them, but for this reviewer this young band from Oegstgeest holds many...

Alicia Bretón Ferrer – Headache Sorbet

(Glove Compartment) Normally a record that boasts a song dedicated to, and featuring a pet cat (however sinister) would receive short shrift. But it’s been...

Tessel – Cinema single review |

As with previous single 'Family Time', Tessel’s latest tune is a tale of something not quite right. Two jilted lovers sit side by side...

Michelle Hindriks from CIEL – Interview

Groningen’s Michelle Hindriks and her band CIEL deserve more attention. One of many acts trying to secure a footing in the soi-disant, fleeting world...

Price – Timesaver Review

0 What to make of Price and their debut record? Listening to Timesaver by the Groningen outfit meant other days listening to other things; from early...