Tuesday, June 22, 2021
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Escarlartina Obsessiva – Vindictive Witch – Louder Than War

Brazilian duo get the thumbs up from the street urchin.

New Band of the Day: Margot – exclusive interview

New band of the day Margot exclusive interview. Having released 2 singles so far, the band have showcased their natural crafted songs

New Band of The Day West On Colfax

New Band of The Day West On Colfax new band of the day release superb new music and are look to tour in and around 2018

Oranj Son Exclusive Interview

Oranj Son have released stunning new material, full of passion and a killer beat, their tunes are set to put them apart from their contemporaries. Matt Mead catches up with the Keiran from the band for an exclusive interview.

New Artist of the Day: Paper Buoys

Birmingham bile merchants Paper Buoys have unleashed the loaded video for their latest single, 'After Dark'. The four-piece are no strangers to producing polemic,...