Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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Wu Tang Clan: Manchester Apollo – live review

The night kinda had the feel of a celebration, like paying homage to one of the greatest hip-hop set lists ever.

Treetop Flyers Interview

Treetop Flyers debut album, The Mountian Moves has just been released. Louder Than War talk to bassist Mathew Starritt.

New Artist of the Day: The Clocktower

The ClockTower are a British indie ''Rock n Roll'' Band who formed in Wolverhampton in Late 2009. We met up with the group's bassist, Andy O'Brian, to ask a few questions...

Louder Than War Interview: The Valkarys

Pysch rock band The Valkarys lead man talks to Louder Than War.

Public Service Broadcasting Talk To Louder Than War

I'm slightly worried about the album still because no reviews have really come in yet, but I'm looking forward to it coming out and seeing how it does.




New Order: The Fillmore, Four-Night Residency, Miami Beach—live review

new order miami 1
New Order Fillmore Miami Beach, Miami 14-15, 17-18 January 2020 Audrey J. Golden and Evan D. McCormick take...


Listen to This! We’re All Aliens Release Optimistic and Riff Heavy New Single Get A Life

North West four piece We're All Aiens return with new single Get A Life. Coming almost a year...


Super Weird Substance join forces with Bella Technika for tripped out psychedisco grooves : sounds great

wonk grooves with primal vocal evoke the halcyon days of house music. Idiosyncratic slicing the hypnotically repeated vocals in and out of chugging psychedisco grooves.


An Unconscious Coupling: Rocketman and Joker – The Double Life of Film

What can box-office hits tell us about the human condition? In the light of their success, Lee Ashworth...


Damnation Festival 2019: University of Leeds Students Union – live review

Alcest on stage at the Damnation Festival
Damnation Festival University of Leeds Students Union, Leeds 2nd November 2019 The Damnation Festival 2019 celebrated the diverse and extreme...