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Michael Stipe and Big Red Machine: No Time For Love Like...

Michael Stipe & Big Red Machine (37d03d) DL Out Now. 8/10 Ex-R.E.M Michael Stipe collaborates with Big Red Machine on promising new solo release; a treat for...

R.E.M.: Monster Turns Twenty-Five – album review

Monster saw R.E.M. devote songs to stalkers, sex and celebrity, while embarking on a worldwide arena tour. Both almost killed them – figuratively and...

R.E.M. Live at the BBC: box set review

R.E.M. Live at the BBC box set review. Matt Mead reviews the beast of a release, weighing in at 8 CDs plus DVD set

1998: The Year Alt Went Electro (With Mixed Results)

1998 saw alt rock flag-bearers R.E.M. and Smashing Pumpkins embrace electro, but at what cost? Sam Lambeth looks back.

R.E.M.: Accelerate Turns Ten

Although not their final record, Accelerate became R.E.M.’s last hurrah in a number of ways – their first album to truly rock for over a decade, it also provided them with renewed critical praise and their last globe-gobbling world tour. Sam Lambeth takes another look.