Thursday, January 20, 2022
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Top 10 Musical Punch Ups 5: Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson I always thought Slash was a real cool guy, and although this isn't exactly a riot it's about as mad as you'll ever...

Michael Jackson Family Lose Case Against Promoters Aeg Over Star’s Death

The promoters of Michael Jackson fateful last tour, AEG have been found not guilty of negligence after hiring Dr. Conrad Murray in a case brought by the Jackson family. Murray was brought in to look after the star and who has just been released after two years in prison for not looking after Jacko properly.

LostAlone’s Steven Battelle’s Top 13 favourite albums

LostAlone are one of the more fascinating of the home grown British rock bands. Big Kerrang favourites they have rewritten the rule book and...

Easy Star All-Stars – Easy Star’s Thrillah – album review

Every wondered what Michael Jackson's Thriller would sound like in a dub style?

Michael Jackson to tour with Jackson 5 as a hologram?

in which we enter a strange new phase of showbiz...