Thursday, January 23, 2020
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New band of the day: Black Bullets – live review &...

 Black Bullets describe themselves like this: "The Black Bullets were formed in the dark depths of dec 2011. Four bastard children from hell...

Lyrics for the sick: Top 10 unpleasant songs to sing along...

We challenge you to sing along to these sick songs

To The Bones : Manchester Dry Bar : live review

To The Bones have the same small town meltdown that made Nirvana so great

High decibel headfuck – live review of a noisenik band called...

Divorce really hit their stride when their gait is slowed down to a lumbering metallic plod.

Obsessive Compulsive post new video

The band whose live shows are thrilling and whose hard work is beginning pay off are moving up a level...




New Order: The Fillmore, Four-Night Residency, Miami Beach—live review

new order miami 1
New Order Fillmore Miami Beach, Miami 14-15, 17-18 January 2020 Audrey J. Golden and Evan D. McCormick take...


Listen to This! We’re All Aliens Release Optimistic and Riff Heavy New Single Get A Life

North West four piece We're All Aiens return with new single Get A Life. Coming almost a year...


Super Weird Substance join forces with Bella Technika for tripped out psychedisco grooves : sounds great

wonk grooves with primal vocal evoke the halcyon days of house music. Idiosyncratic slicing the hypnotically repeated vocals in and out of chugging psychedisco grooves.


An Unconscious Coupling: Rocketman and Joker – The Double Life of Film

What can box-office hits tell us about the human condition? In the light of their success, Lee Ashworth...


Damnation Festival 2019: University of Leeds Students Union – live review

Alcest on stage at the Damnation Festival
Damnation Festival University of Leeds Students Union, Leeds 2nd November 2019 The Damnation Festival 2019 celebrated the diverse and extreme...