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TV Smith, The Crows, Lost Soul @ Liverpool – live review

TV Smith, The Crows, Lost Soul Mello Mello, Liverpool Sunday 9th December 2012 The Rebellion Xmas Bash (LTW review) had frankly left me a tad jaded; 14hours...

Lost Soul ‘Company Of Strangers’ – album review Lost Soul 'Company Of Strangers' CD (Delmar Sounds) Available 1st February 2012 Lost Soul ”“ where to start when you are in the presence of...




Rod Stewart: M&S Bank Arena , Liverpool – live photo review

Rod Stewart Live
Rod Stewart Liverpool Arena 10th December 2019 Model train enthusiast, Celtic superfan and musical icon Rod Stewart arrived at...


Peter Astor and the Holy Road: Paradise – album review

Peter Astor and the Holy Road: Paradise Tapete Records Vinyl/CD/DL A welcome reissue of The Loft/Weather Prophets front-man's post-Creation Records...


Will there be more Bauhaus shows?

Could there be moreb shows for the highly influential band? the Rumour mill is in hyperdrive and our ears are burning......Bb


A Dog Called Money – Film Review

PJ Harvey Seamus Murphy A Dog Called Money
A Dog Called Money (2019) Dir. Seamus Murphy Cast: PJ Harvey  Duration: 94 minutes Release date: 8th November 2019  Cinema and streaming...


Damnation Festival 2019: University of Leeds Students Union – live review

Alcest on stage at the Damnation Festival
Damnation Festival University of Leeds Students Union, Leeds 2nd November 2019 The Damnation Festival 2019 celebrated the diverse and extreme...