Monday, November 29, 2021
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After the riots… be heard

Labelled as an album "for the people, by the people” and dreamt up in response to the recent rioting...

Is looting the inevitable end-game for extreme capitalism?

'...The widespread disorder witnessed on the streets of the UK has little to do with the death of Mark Duggen, and everything to do with a crisis in extreme capitalism...'

Babylons Burning – Al Hillier on the riots

'This morning, London looks like it has had a nocturnal visit from the Luftwaffe...'

Alec Empire on the riots and these end times

'...But here is a reminder: Violence is ALWAYS a failure and a sign of when things go very wrong....'

London’s Burning – could this be the end of the UK...

'...Several of the key indie labels in the UK and several of the smaller labels were badly affcted by the riots after the PIAS warehouse was burned down...'