Thursday, January 28, 2021
The North Will Rise Again
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After the riots… be heard

Labelled as an album "for the people, by the people” and dreamt up in response to the recent rioting...

Is looting the inevitable end-game for extreme capitalism?

'...The widespread disorder witnessed on the streets of the UK has little to do with the death of Mark Duggen, and everything to do with a crisis in extreme capitalism...'

Babylons Burning – Al Hillier on the riots

'This morning, London looks like it has had a nocturnal visit from the Luftwaffe...'

Alec Empire on the riots and these end times

'...But here is a reminder: Violence is ALWAYS a failure and a sign of when things go very wrong....'

London’s Burning – could this be the end of the UK...

'...Several of the key indie labels in the UK and several of the smaller labels were badly affcted by the riots after the PIAS warehouse was burned down...'


Bush Tetras: Live Stream from (Le) Poisson Rouge – live review

Bush Tetras  Live Stream at  January 23, 2021 Stop what you’re doing and turn on your screen: Bush Tetras...


Venus Furs: New Inspiration video + Interview

Venus Furs New Inspiration Single/Video and Interview Anyone who acquainted themselves with Canadian shoegazer Venus Furs excellent debut...


Watch this! New single from Imelda May featuring Noel Gallagher and Ronnie Wood

Irish singer Imelda May is back with a new single Just One Kiss, featuring her mates Noel Gallagher on vocals and Ronnie...


Pulse – film review

Pulse (1988) Director: Paul Golding Cast: Joey Lawrence, Cliff De Young, Roxanne Hart Format: Blu-ray Runtime: 91 minutes Release Date: 22nd February...


Six Of The Best Sets At Loftas Fest 2020

Loftas Fest
From toe-tapping rock n’ roll to darkly ethereal modular synthpop - discover highlights from the vibrant Loftas...