Thursday, February 27, 2020
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Turn and Face The Strange – Occultist Aleister Crowley’s Influence On...

Turn and Face the Strange - Rachel Brett investigate Aleister Crowley's influence on Bowie and other modern artists in popular music.

Lady Gaga – Where Did It All Go Wrong?

Gaga, it seemed, could do no wrong. Critics called her a Madonna copyist.The fans that flocked at her feet were mostly too young to remember Madge’s Imperial period and it mattered not a jot. When the red tops are doing features of fans as look-a-likes, you know you’ve made it.

Lady Gaga: Manchester MEN Arena – live review

To sum up, she was excellent but I really stuggled with some of her almost scripted sincerity...

Lady Gaga earns 20 million quid a year from Twitter

Lady Gaga makes more on Twitter than on Spotify




The Murder Capital: Electric Ballroom, London – live review

The Murder Capital's epic music fades away, the audience erupts into cheers, and strangers embrace in grinning confirmation that tonight has indeed been a bit special


Legpuppy : interview with ‘dark Stereolab meets the lost Velvet Underground’

adventures of the Electronic/ Psych/ Punk outfit Legpuppy...............................................


Blanck Mass Announces Debut Score

blanck mass
Blanck Mass has today announced details of his debut score 'Calm With Horses' which is to be...


Jojo Rabbit – film review

Jojo Rabbit
Jojo Rabbit is the Holocaust comedy that combines hilarity and sentiment in equal measure. Tim Cooper acclaims the film that's the talk of awards season.


Peel Slowly And See Festival 2020 Review – Featuring Shortparis

Peel Slowly and See festival in Leiden delivers a great edition, with Shortparis and Neighbours Burning Neighbours.