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Josh T. Pearson announces brand new album – The Straight Hits!...

Josh T. Pearson has announced his new solo album, tour and new single. Though he’s been a recording artist for over two decades now,...

High & Lonesome: Leeds – festival review

High & Lonesome Festival Brudenell Social Club & Left Bank Church, Leeds 14th November 2015 With a line up bursting at the seams with talent, High &...

High and Lonesome: Festival Preview

High & Lonesome Brudenell Social Club, Left Bank Church, Leeds. The second edition of High and Lonesome featuring two new venues and a plethora of new...

How One Man Made The Angels Weep And The Peacocks Wail:...

The striking and dapper Country Gent, head to toe in perfect black, proceeds to ask the audience whether they have some nail polish remover he can borrow.

Josh T Pearson at London Union Chapel

Josh T Pearson review "Is he \'aving a laugh!? We definitely aren\'t."