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Josh T. Pearson announces brand new album – The Straight Hits!...

Josh T. Pearson has announced his new solo album, tour and new single. Though he’s been a recording artist for over two decades now,...

High & Lonesome: Leeds – festival review

High & Lonesome Festival Brudenell Social Club & Left Bank Church, Leeds 14th November 2015 With a line up bursting at the seams with talent, High &...

High and Lonesome: Festival Preview

High & Lonesome Brudenell Social Club, Left Bank Church, Leeds. The second edition of High and Lonesome featuring two new venues and a plethora of new...

How One Man Made The Angels Weep And The Peacocks Wail:...

The striking and dapper Country Gent, head to toe in perfect black, proceeds to ask the audience whether they have some nail polish remover he can borrow.

Josh T Pearson at London Union Chapel

Josh T Pearson review "Is he \'aving a laugh!? We definitely aren\'t."


Ezra Furman: Museum Of Fine Arts, Boston – live review (streaming)

Ezra Furman
Ezra Furman Museum Of Fine Arts, Boston 1st November 2020 Ezra Furman finally takes her first steps back towards the...


Mark Fernyhough: Automatic Paintings – single review + in conversation

Single review and interview by Susan Sloan Mark Fernyhough Automatic Paintings DL Out now! In the early 1900s Swedish artist Hilma...


Dougie James (Manchester music scene legend) RIP

A long time mainstay of the Manchester music scene Dougie James has died at the age of 72. Dougie was known to many in the post punk period as being part of the gig promotion team with the late Alan Wise. He had his own musical history as the lead singer of the 1970s band Dougie James and the Soul Train.


Mothra (Limited Edition Box Set) – film review

Mothra (Limited Edition Box Set) - film review Mothra (1961) Director: Ishirō Honda Cast: Frankie Sakai, Hiroshi Koizumi, Kyōko Kagawa...


Six Of The Best Sets At Loftas Fest 2020

Loftas Fest
From toe-tapping rock n’ roll to darkly ethereal modular synthpop - discover highlights from the vibrant Loftas...