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Jim Bob: Who Do We Hate Today – album review

Jim Bob Who Do We Hate Today Cherry Red Records CD/Vinyl/Cassette available here Jim Bob returns with another dose of clever wordplay and catchy songs that encapsulate his...

Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine – 30 SOMETHING – 30 years...

A reappraisal of the band's landmark breakthrough album and a brief look back at their 30 year career by Martin Gray. Of all of the...

Crystal Palace Festival – festival review

Crystal Palace Festival Upper Norwood Library Hub (Streamed) 15th & 16th August 2020 Crystal Palace Festival is forced indoors this year but the organisers still manage to...

Jim Bob (ex Carter USM) favourite top 10 albums

Former singer with Carter USM, Jim Bob, has a new album out and as if he hasn't got enough to stress him out we have been bothering him for his top 10 favourite albums which he has kindly supplied us with.