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Incubate Festival – December Edition 2016 : Live Review

If this version of Incubate is to be buried now, it should be done so with full rites befitting a chieftain of a noble clan. Or maybe it was at the predictably raucous afterparty, with the appearance of Leyland James Kirby (a Head who understands that psychicke leylines need nourishment), who drove in from Poland to pay his respects to the House that Vincent built.

Incubate Festival: Live Review Of Brilliant Festival With Strong Black Metal...

I’m six hours into a black metal binge. It’s been a night of melancholic, guttural voice- growling vocal and distorted guitars- a weird mixture of noise and a hypnotic atmosphere and I’m feeling strange in a good way- lost in a dense, dark and strange world of face paint and sombre music played at high decibel- a place where Kiss meet the journey into the heart of darkness ride of a Joy Division or the Cure when they were doing pornography.

Laibach : Incubate Festival : Live review : sept 16th 2012

Laibach Incubate Festival Tilburg, Holland Sept 16th 2012 Live Review   Laibach are like no other band.   They seem to exist purely in a world of their own, a world...

Buzzcocks @ Incubate Festival, Tilburg Holland : Sept 2012 : live...

Buzzcocks Incubate Festival Tilburg, Holland Sept 16th 2012 Live review     It's amazing that after all these decades that buzzsaw guitar can still be so effective.   The twin six strings of...

Louder Than War present a stage at Incubate festival

Incubate festival in Holland on Spet 14/16th...