Saturday, May 8, 2021
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HMV poised to overtake Amazon as UK’s biggest music seller

The death of the record store has been exaggerated! HMV is close to overtaking Amazon as the UK's biggest music seller as people seem to have fallen back in love with going to record stores and picking up and looking at CD's and vinyl before buying them.

An Audience With Peter Hook Q & A / Signing...

Peter Hook has contacted us to advise that the forthcoming 'Audience With Peter Hook' set to take place at the hmv, Manchester, Monday 4th...

Do the HMV closures mean the death knell of independent music...

Will HMV closures affect the music scene?

HMV to honour xmas vouchers and pay Hillsborough charity money

Going bust is never a pleasant business so when HMV did what Virgin did a couple of years ago and keep selling gift vouchers...

The Dying Cult of the Record Shop

The Dying Cult of the Record Shop Although it was far from ever being my favourite music retailer or record emporium it nevertheless saddened me...