Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Fear Factory – The Industrialist – album review

They have returned with a vengeance, with a sound that is both inarguably well-constructed and exciting.

The Fall, The Rise / The Killerest Expression / The Blackbelts...

The Fall, The Rise / The Killerest Expression / The Blackbelts (Damage Limitation Records) DL Available from 1 April 2012 This nine track split EP presents three...

Pariso: Nothing Beyond Everything After – album review

To the untrained ear (and probably to the trained ear on first listening) there's way to much going on to realise how clever the record is.

A Short Fanzine About Rocking – An Interview With Nick Mann

Avid readers of Louder Than War (which I assume is all of you) will remember John wrote a piece about fanzine culture titled "Top...

New band of the day: Dripback : UK hardcore

the UK's most exciting and intense extreme metal crew