Friday, December 3, 2021
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New Band Of The Day: Eagulls

....their second release, the bilious, angry, thrusting & quite brilliant assault of "Council Flat Blues".

OFF!: New OFFicial Video.

AND we get two tracks of the band's blistering hardcore for our money, rather than the more normal one.

Cerebral Ballzy and Zulu: The Joiners, Southampton – live review

A mad, swirling, mass of bodies, sweat and flying beer, elbows and fists, grinning faces.

Weekend Nachos, The Weeknd Gentlemen, Pariso, The Long Haul & more:...

The Gents, as we may affectionately call them, seem to be so ludicrously heavy, insanely fast, and comically simple as a band that a million and one satirists could not have come up with them.

Trash Talk: The Croft, Bristol – live review

What followed was pretty much the closest to mayhem I've ever seen at The Croft.