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Flux Capacitors Top Ten Favourite Song Lyrics (promotional device as they...

Flux Capacitors Top Ten Favourite Song Lyrics Flux Capacitors -the Bristol surf-punk, blues/ poetry, vegan rock'n'roll band have got some gigs lined-up with heroes of...

Things we didn’t know a month ago: July 2018

Keith Goldhanger guides us through some of the music that he's crossed paths with during July 2018. If you're going to call your band ITALIA...

John MOuse: Replica Figures – album review

John MOuse is a distant cousin of convention. In fact he and convention are barely on speaking terms. Jon Kean reviews his new album.

The Alternative Christmas Top Twenty (No Turkeys).

We've all fallen prisoner to a limited range of Christmas songs at times. Jon Kean wishes to free our minds from this tyranny.

(A gratuitous) Half Man Half Biscuit Top Ten Videos (because they’re...

HALF MAN HALF BISCUIT Top Ten Videos on You-tube The truly legendary "humour-based" indie-rock band Half Man Half Biscuit - beloved of  John Peel and...