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Kaltern Pop Festival 2019 – live review

Kaltern Pop 2019: an innovative and imaginative festival in the beautiful South Tyrol, featuring Shortparis and Lewsberg.

Kaltern Pop 2019 – Preview

Kaltern Pop: 5th edition of young enterprising local festival. Featuring Shortparis and Lewsberg.

Haldern Pop Festival 2019 – live review

What Is a Festival? (Richard) You could argue that question boils down in the end to a very simple answer, a stage, of whatever sort....

Hope – S/T

Hope are a band from Berlin who represent a new, more sober, angrier zeitgeist at large in the city’s music scene. Their debut record, however, reveals something much more beguiling.

Haldern Pop 2017 – Review

Haldern Pop festival review 2017. With Let's Eat Grandma, TootArd, Lisa Hannigan, White Wine, Mario Batkovic and Hurray for the Riffraff.