Friday, July 30, 2021
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The Battery Farm: Endless Unstoppable Pain – EP review

The Battery Farm release one of the best debut EPs this year says Wayne AF Carey.

Branch To Root: Jamais Vu – EP review and video premiere.

Branch To Root Jamais Vu EP Wreck And Ruin Records DL / Soundcloud Branch To Root are back straight out of Merseyside with a new EP to follow...

Def Robot: A Guide For Survival In A Complex Future –...

Def Robot A Guide For Survival In A Complex Future (Pearls For Swine Records) DL - Bandcamp (other platforms available) The highly prolific Kendal / Berlin Mancunian duo...

Watch this! Horsemeat: Opulence – new single and video

Wayne AF Carey gets blasted to fuck with a minute of Prunge

Listen to this! Hotwax: Stay Cool – new single and video!

Wayne AF Carey is steered towards a great new power trio, bursting out of Hastings...