Saturday, October 16, 2021
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Emily Flea: No Room For You – album review

Emily Flea - No Room For you (Grow Your Own) 9 tracks of angst ridden exuberant bouncy punk tunes make for a good solo release...

Kiss Me, Killer: 2020 Vision – album review

The new album by Kiss Me Killer will appeal equally to old farts who like punk 'n' roll as well as the young upstarts. Win/win!

Icons of Filth: Plight – album review

Icons of Filth - Plight (Grow Your Own) 10"/DL Out Now A resurrected blast from the anarcho-punk past comes back with a more contemporary "crust punk" sound...

Bug Central: …And the fires began… – Album Review

Bug Central - ...And the fires began... (Grow Your Own) 10"/CD/DL Out Now London anarcho-punks Bug Central spit out 8 gritty numbers, holding up a mirror to...

Interview: Grow Your Own Records

Grow Your Own Records is a UK DIY punk label that grew from humble beginnings and has snowballed over the past few years. Since...