Thursday, January 27, 2022
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Adex (NQ) : The John Robb interview

In a city of game changers there is a new story. The classic Manchester narrative was for an older city - the post industrial city...

Sleaford Mods: Spare Ribs – album review

Sleaford Mods: Spare Ribs Rough Trade Records Vinyl/CD/DL all platforms Release date 15th January Buy here Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn are not resting on their laurels as Sleaford...

Watch this! Bob Vylan hit back against racists in sweary punk-grime...

Bob Vylan  -  We Live Here - Video Premiere Bob Vylan hit back against racists in sweary Punk-grime video for raging song We Live Here.  New...

The Moods: Strong EP – review

Wayne AF Carey hits the disco biscuits and gets down to The Moods latest anthem Strong.

My Time Volunteering: DYSTOPIA987

DYSTOPIA987 Manchester International Festival 2019 Location: Secret (Later revealed to be Mayfield Depot Arch 7) Dates: 17th - 19th July 2019 When Louder Than War's film reviewer Jonathan...