Sunday, January 23, 2022
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The Callas with Lee Ranaldo: Video exclusive and album re-release –...

The Callas, the Greek artistic squad producing music, artworks, films, magazines, events, and art shows have just reissued a "deluxe' pressing of their Trouble...

Hand & Leg: Lust In Peace – album review

  Hand & Leg - Lust In Peace Fourth Dimension / Black Gladiator / Slovenly Recordings CD/Vinyl Out now Second album by noisy Greek post punk duo...

Greece : Making Sense Of Self Castrating Prey : daily report...

I ask why he thinks Syriza has done the deal. He shrugs "hunters hunt beavers. When the beaver sees there is no hope they will cut off their own testicles. Syriza are reformists. They have nothing else to do. So they lay down."

the Greek blues – a top 20 of Rembetika

please read this list- the music is brilliant

Greece, Spain where next? Europe is in meltdown- here come the...

A global bloodless revolution brought about by the irresistible rise of the populus against the elite few or a riot...what do you think?