Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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GNOD: Cluny, Newcastle – live review

An ear splitting night of intense space rock and sludgy kraut rock from three of the finest bands around, who all brought their A Game!

Gnod: Infinity Machines – album review

Gnod have produced a monolithic slab of unquantifiable proportions, with every track facilitating its own mini trip its an incredible collection of tracks. One of the finest things I've heard all year so far!

Radioactive Bones: Eye In The Sky – album review

Space rock meets punk down Mexico way. Nathan Brown & Ged Babey review this hybrid punkadelic offering from Radioactive Bones

Gnod: Chaudelande – album review

"This is everything artsy, weird, wonderful and scary that music can be"

new band of the day – GNOD- heavy manners psychedelic freak...

new band of the day Gnod play a tripped out drone rock psychedelia