Sunday, September 26, 2021
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Du Blonde: Homecoming – album review

Du Blonde: Homecoming (Daemon T.V.) Released 2nd April 2021 Impulsive and melody-driven record from an epatage-loving artist. Just as its Day-Glo cover suggests, Homecoming gives a way out...

Blowers: S/T – album review and interview.

Blowers: S/T (Spooky Records / Chaputa!) Out now DL | LP Melbourne's BLOWERS' debut self-titled deepens the needle in the garage-punk skin. A bestial blitzkrieg of proto-garage sonic-noise...

TV Face: Requeen The Hive – Single Review

TV Face Requeen The Hive  Out 30th October 2020 DL The new single from TV Face, Requeen The Hive, the title of which is shared with a new...

Zig Zag: Do Better/Sorry – Single Review.

Zig Zag Do Better/Sorry Psychic Hysteria 7" | DL Released 9 October 2020 Queer Australian punk collective Zig Zag throw their new single Do Better into the...

The Revillos – Stratoplay The Box Set – album review

  The Revillos - Stratoplay The Box Set Cherry Red 6CD/DL Released 24 April 2020 New collection which includes both of the Revillos' albums Rev Up! and Attack!, plus...