Monday, December 6, 2021
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Warm Toy Machine / White Fangs split EP – review

Warm Toy Machine/White Fangs split EP (Frantic City Records) 7" Vinyl/DL Available now Both bands are from Brussels, Belgium, and they share their bass player, so that's...

White Fangs ‘White Fangs’ – album review

White Fangs 'White Fangs' (Frantic City/ AzBin Records) LP/DL Available now This is loud, screaming garage punk - rejoice in the noise!! White Fangs hail from Brussels, a...

Combomatix 'Combomatix' – album review

Combomatix 'Combomatix' (Frantic City) Vinyl LP Combomatix hail from the northern French city of Rennes; Rennes is an industrial city, the home to Citroen cars whose...

New band of the day: Regal

20 Regal hail from Lyon, France and were formed from the embers of the less than pleasently named Last Rapes of Mr Teach, and current...