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The Pogues: The BBC Sessions 1984-86 – album review

The Pogues The BBC Sessions 1984-86 Rhino CD | DL A new collection of familiar tunes recorded at Maida Vale over a 2 year period for...

The Ukrainians: Koly Ya Tantsyuyu – Single review

Louder Than War’s Ioan Humphreys falls back in love with the simple joy that is The Ukrainians and their new single Koly Ya Tantsyuyu.

The Brainiac 5 – Back To Shore – Album Review

The Brainiac 5 - Back To Shore Reckless CD/DL Released 5th April 2019 New album by the long running psych/punk/folk titans, the follow up to 2017's Journey To...

Barnstormer 1649 – Restoration Tragedy – Album Review

Barnstormer 1649 - Restoration Tragedy Roundhead Records CD/2LP Released 23rd November 2018 New album by Attila The Stockbroker's band Barnstormer 1649, taking as its subject matter the time...

Mercurius Rising: Wave Your Flags Goodbye – Album review

Mercurius Rising: Wave Your Flags Goodbye  (Shatterpunk/Carnival Punks) CD Available now Punks is hippies making rabble rousing folk noise for the free party generation.  WTF do you call...