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The Lee Harveys ‘Resistance Is Not Terrorism’ – album review

The Lee Harveys 'Resistance Is Not Terrorism' (FOAD Musick) LP | CD | DL Available now Brand new 6 track EP that is masquerading as an album,...

The Lee Harveys: Bullet for the President – Album Review

The Lee Harveys – Bullet for the President (Foad Musick)  CD | DL 23rd July 2016 9/ 10 Just three years since their debut, The Lee Harveys are back guns a...

Paranoid Visions: Two Black Eyes – album review and band...

It’s easy to gravitate to lyrics in a Paranoid Visions tune, and Bloody Road to Freedom are some of the best. Deko tears through the history of "the troubles" in Ireland, demonstrating every side's accountability. Recently a fan made light of the band's history of punning U2, and their pastiche of similar dialogue with some clever video editing. Bono and co weren't happy. U2 use it as background to elevate trite, Paranoid Visions are intertwined in it's tapestry. .

Paranoid Visions: Interview, New Ep and Forthcoming Releases with Steve Ignorant.

Interview with Paranoid Visions ahead of new releases with Steve Ignorant. Review of new 'EP Up The Anti ' on Scarred for Life.

The Lee Harveys: Gun City – album review

"a hook laden blend of rock n’ roll, pop and garage punk that reaffirms the timeless nature of 1977 style punk."