Friday, May 20, 2022
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Flats ‘Better Living’ – album review

A cavernous bass opens \'Foxtrot\' and we are deep into extreme metal territory - this is heavy, and loud, very loud

Flats – new album, own label & free download

0 Flats announce own label, and offer free download Flats ”“ not content with being described as both “a beautiful car crash between Discharge, Rudimentary...

Flats – Live at Bladefest

Press accolades have variously described them as being “the most important band since the Sex Pistols” and the “future of rock \'n\' roll” - they have also been described as “crap”

Sonisphere rock festival- stage times

the full line up of Sonisphere Rock festival

Hear three new Morrissey songs here

The return of Moz!